Water inflow in Cyprus dams reaches 10.5 million cubic meters

Water inflow in the dams of Cyprus during the last three days has reached 10.5 million cubic meters, Water Development Department official Fedros Roussis has told the Cyprus News Agency (CNA).

Roussis said that the dams’ occupancy rate now stood at 51.8% and the total water reservoirs amounted to 150.8 million cubic meters.

Moreover, he noted that on this day last year, the dams’ occupancy rate was 15%, with 43,4 million cubic meters of water in all damns, most of which were almost empty.

As regards the Germasoyia dam which overflowed on Sunday evening, he noted that its occupancy rate last year on this day was 3.8%, with 510 thousand cubic meters of water.

Roussis also said that the biggest ever inflow of water in one month was recorded during January this year, as until yesterday, the water inflow was 103.4 million cubic meters.

He said that the second biggest inflow was recorded in 2012 with an inflow of 92.6 million cubic meters of water within a month.

Source: Cyprus News Agency