War crimes in Turkish occupied Cyprus should not go unpunished, MEP says

Cypriot MEP Costas Mavrides has called on his colleagues to help in practical terms so that war crimes in the Turkish occupied part of Cyprus not go unpunished.

Addressing on Monday the European Parliament plenary, in Strasbourg, the S and D MEP said that a Turkish Cypriot by the name of Turgut Yenagrali, who lives in the northern occupied part of Cyprus, has revealed proudly that he escorted the Turkish army during the Turkish invasion of 1974 of the island as an officer and that he murdered in cold blood defenceless Greek Cypriots who had their hands tied behind their backs, something which happened many a time.

In the same part of the island which is under the control of the Turkish army, another Turkish Cypriot, Sener Levent, who lives there defends EU principles against Erdogan and the Turkish army, he added.

He called on his colleagues to act in practical terms to ensure that crimes are not expunged and that the crime of illegal settlement in the northern occupied part of Cyprus is examined.

Cyprus has been divided since 1974 when Turkey invaded and occupied its northern third. UN backed talks to reunify the island under a federal roof as so far not been successful.

Source: Cyprus News Agency