Wall of Kindness sends message of solidarity and environmental awareness

A group of young people, the Atoms of Change sends a message of solidarity, of personal and social change, but also of cultivating environmental awareness by putting in place next to Faneromeni square, in old Nicosia, a Wall of Kindness.

A wall next to the historic school of Faneromeni was filled on Saturday with the colour of hope as visual artists depicted each one in his own way the meaning of giving without needing to take something in return. At the same time hangers and shelves were placed on the wall so that anyone can leave on them used items in good condition such as clothes, shoes, toys, books and bags but also new items of personal hygiene that someone might need.

Tables were set up in the sunny Faneromeni square which from 1200 to 1800 hours operated as mobile workshops showing to all those interested how to make bags from clothes and bracelets from thread.

We believe that the change first come personally and then can start as a chain and become social, 24 year-old Anna Michael said replying to CNA questions.

In this way, she added, each person who wishes to see a personal change and later a social change can be considered as an atom of change.

Asked to say a few words about the event she said that in a world full of wars, full of problems, with refugees, with poverty and inequality, we are here to convey a beautiful message which has to do with giving. That is to say she added, that someone can take something without needing to give back something in return, which nowadays is misunderstood.

We have united forces with various organisations, many artists have come from Cyprus, Europe, Syria and Lebanon to support this event, she said.

Replying to a question Michael said that the wall will be here every day for some time.

People, she explained, can come and leave either objects, clothes or toys in good condition or new personal hygiene products such as toothbrushes, toothpaste and soap.

We will come every week and we will recycle everything, she said. Our goal, she continued, is for people to take what they need and for new products to be added continuously.

Asked about the environmental message the event sends she referred to the recycling workshops operating in the area. Tesura Cyprus, Alexandros Ioannou Peletie, has come to help us by showing us how to use objects we have no use for so that we can stop throwing so many things away which we can otherwise use, she pointed out.

She also noted that the hangers on the Wall of Kindness have been made by either branches which were going to be thrown away or old shelves that we found in a bin; We varnished them and reused them.

The clothes used for the recycling workshop to make bags are also second hand, she added.

In a press release the Multifunctional Centre of the Nicosia Municipality states that the event is under its auspices and that the Wall of Kindness is an international solidarity movement, which has been embraced by various actors such as municipalities, schools, sports associations and is gaining ground more and more which aims to help poor families, immigrants users, the homeless etc.

The Nicosia School Board is an active supporter of this initiative and it has decided to propose to school administrations to adopt it and convey its message to their students, the press release notes.

All those who are interested to united forces with the Atoms of Change can reach them through their Facebook page under the same name.

Source: Cyprus News Agency