Voting running smoothly in all districts in Sunday’s presidential elections

Voting is running smoothly and everything is generally calm and orderly in Sunday’s presidential elections, Chief Returning Officer Kypros Kyprianou has said, and called on all voters to exercise their right to vote.

Kyprianou said all polling stations in Cyprus, Greece and Bulgaria opened at 0700 local time (0500 GMT) for the presidential elections.

Voting will continue until 1200 and will recommence at 1300, after an hour’s break, until 1800. Voting times at the polling stations abroad have been adjusted so that voting will end at 1800 Cyprus time.

The Presiding Officer may prolong the voting time, in the event that voters are standing outside a polling station intending to vote.

The Chief Returning Officer called on all voters to proceed to the polling stations to exercise their right to vote and in that respect to act lawfully showing political ethos and respect towards the institutions and the citizens.

The Chief Returning Officer reminded everybody that the pre-election period ended on Friday evening and thus sending political messages is not permitted and any political statements must be made within the acceptable limits.

Source: Cyprus News Agency