?urostat: Cyprus has the youngest primary school teaching work force in the EU

Cyprus employs 4,000 primary school teachers, 83.7% of whom are female, 16.3% male and only 3.5% aged over 50, making for the youngest teaching work force in any EU country, according to Eurostat.

At the same time Cyprus has 6,000 secondary school teachers, 65.7% of whom are female, 34.3% male and only 29.3% aged over 50, the 7th youngest teaching work force in the EU, after Malta, the UK, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania and Ireland.

On both accounts though, Cyprus follows the EU trend, where the teaching work force is heavily tilted towards female professionals.

In 2014, 2.1 million persons worked as primary school teachers in the European Union. Women were largely predominant, accounting for 85% (1.7 million teachers). In secondary schools, including both lower secondary and upper secondary levels, there were 3.6 million teachers, of which 64%

Source: Cyprus News Agency