Upward trend in tourism to continue, CTO and Hermes say

The upward trend in the tourism sector recorded for the winter season will continue in the summer period, which began on 1 April 2018, a joint press release by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation and Hermes says.

A delegation of Hermes Airports and the CTO participated in the Forum Routes Europe 2018 that took place in Spain. In the framework of the Forum, they met with representatives of air companies and holiday organisers. The press release says during the meetings they ascertained that the upward trend recorded for the winter tourist season will continue in the summer period as well and that the airlines confirmed their strong potential interest to further expand their operations in the summer of 2019.

According to the press release, despite the recovery of tourist destinations that are competitive with Cyprus, such as those of Turkey and Egypt, the tourist product of Cyprus remains extremely popular and attractive, and air carriers continue to rank Cyprus very high on the list of options they offer to their customers.

It adds that there are opportunities to strengthen and enrich Cyprus air connectivity with new destinations in countries such as France, Italy, Poland and the Baltic countries.

Source: Cyprus News Agency