UN received Greek government’s letter on Turkey-Libya MoU and is studying it, UNSG’s Deputy Spokesperson says

UNSGs Deputy Spokesperson Ferhan Haq confirmed on Wednesday that the UN has received a letter from the Greek government cocerning an MoU signed betweeen Turkey and Libya aiming at the delimitation of maritime zones in between them.

“I can confirm that we received that letter on 9 December, and its being studied. Regarding the Secretariats views, the Secretariat doesnt take a position or provide comments in relation to matters concerning the sovereignty, sovereign rights and jurisdiction of Member States over their maritime spaces,” he noted replying to a question.

However, he added, “in certain areas, such as enclosed or semi-enclosed seas, particular attention needs to be paid to the interests of third parties. Were confident that all parties concerned recognize the need for continued dialogue on these sensitive matters. Needless to say, that, in accordance with the principles enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations, all differences should be resolved by peaceful means,” Haq said.

He noted that “we are confident that all parties concerned recognise the need for continued dialogue on these sensitive matters. And of course, we want it to be resolved through peaceful means.”

“Were studying the information that weve received,” Haq concluded.

Source: Cyprus News Agency