Ukrainian medical teams on duty under hard conditions to save lives of soldiers injured on front line

Ukrainian medical teams in the country’s front-line Donetsk region are working amid violent clashes to save the lives of injured Ukrainian soldiers.

First aid is provided to injured Ukrainian soldiers at “stabilization points” established on or near the front line between Russian and Ukrainian forces.

“We work to stabilize their condition, even donate blood if necessary. Our team consists of surgeons and anesthesiologists. We send patients to the hospital after their condition stabilizes. There are also cases where it is not possible to save the limbs and immediate amputation is required,” a general practitioner, codenamed Winston, told Anadolu.?

Noting that they provide first aid to Ukrainian soldiers and civilians, Winston said that they try to do their best to help the soldiers survive.

Winston further said that it is important to bring a wounded soldier or civilian to the “stabilization point” as soon as possible, also stating that everyone in his medical team works in ‘very difficult conditions.’?

“But we try to encourage each other in the team. We chose this path, this life ourselves,” he added.

Meanwhile, Valeria, a health care worker who did not give her last name due to security reasons, told Anadolu she has been on the front line since the beginning of the war and that she worked as an anesthesiologist at the “stabilization point.”

“I believe that anesthesiologist is one of the most important professions as we provide one of the most important supports for a surgeon to perform surgery because surgeons cannot do anything without us,” Valeria said.

Valeria further said that although they have been “targeted with bullets and missiles,” they always tried to act positively and provide support to those seriously injured.

Source: EN – Anadolu Agency