Two Representations by EMU Academic Staff Member Aydo?an

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Arts and Sciences Faculty, Department of Turkish Language and Literature visiting academic staff member Asst. Prof. Dr. Bedri Aydo?an attended Adana’s Cukurova District Municipality Orhan Kemal Literature Festival. Asst. Prof. Dr. Bedri Aydo?an was part of the regulatory board of the festival for the second time participating in its decision making processes.

The Festival was attended by Orhan Kemal’s sons Naz?m O?utcu and I??k O?utcu, thespian Menderes Samanc?lar, poet Salih Bolat, writer Ozcan Karabulut, over 50 artists and scientists. The festival that enriched the city’s art environment and drew great attention contained poetry presentations, exhibitions, talks and screenings.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Bedri Aydo?an also attended a talk at the 10th Cukurova Book Fair, a fair that was attended by over 180 bookstores and publishers. Book signings took place at the fair as well as talks on art and literature, panels and concerts. EMU’s visiting academic staff member Asst. Prof. Dr. Bedri Aydo?an was a participant and supervisor at one of these talks. Orhan Kemal’s son I??k O?utcu participated in the talk titled ‘Orhan Kemal Forgotten Stories’ along with Bedri Aydo?an. The talk organized by Everest Publications took place in Cukurova Hall and focused on I??k O?utcu’s book ‘Orhan Kemal Unutulmu? Oykuler’.

Bedri Aydo?an stated that after his death Orhan Kemal’s stories from newspapers and novels have been brought to the light of day noting that “Unutulmu? Oykuler” does this, too. Bedri Aydo?an went on to evaluate the stories indicating that Orhan Kemal’s first story ‘Bir Munevverin Olumu’ is available for readers for the first time in this book.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University