Two Famagusta General Hospital coronavirus patients test negative

Two out of nine coronavirus patients at the Famagusta General Hospital which is operating as a Reference Hospital have tested negative for the coronavirus.

The state of health of patients suffering from the virus is considered to be mild apart from a 70 year-old who has a serious medical history, CNA has learnt.

Two of the patients who underwent the necessary medical exams have tested negative and it seems they have recovered. A second test will take place during the day and if that is also negative they will be discharged and allowed to return home.

In the meantime, it is also expected that another four patients with coronavirus symptoms will be transported to Famagusta General Hospital later today.

Yesterday evening two new confirmed cases, a woman who was self-isolating and presented with complications and a man who had been hospitalised at Nicosia General Hospital, were also transported to Famagusta General Hospital.

Source: Cyprus News Agency