Turnout in presidential elections by 17.00 stands at 66.2%

Turnout in today’s polls by 17.00 (15.00 GMT) shows that the percentage of participation will be a few percentage points better than the 2016 parliamentary elections, but will fall short of the participation rate in the previous presidential election in 2013, said Chief Returning Officer, Kypros Kyprianou, said here today.

Speaking to reporters about the participation by 17.00, he said voters’ attendance and the voting procedure ran smoothly and orderly, adding that although voting will be completed at 1800, there might be an extension if there are voters that are waiting to cast their ballots, but under no circumstances will the extension go beyond 21.00 local time.

He also said the Police and the Attorney General’s Office will investigate incidents of sms messages that were sent to a number of voters on behalf of three candidates.

According to the Election Service’s data the turnout voters until 5:00 p.m. was approximately 66.2% of the total of registered voters.

The voter turnout and the relevant percentages of previous elections are:

Presidential elections 2018 Presidential elections 2013 Parliamentary elections 2016

Nicosia 67.6% 77.4% 59%

Limassol 63.4% 76.4% 59%

Famagusta 66.7% 79.7% 61%

Larnaca 67% 79.6% 60%

Paphos 68% 79.3% 64%

Overseas 62% 69.1% 56%

Total 66.2% 77.6% 60%

The voting procedure shall end according to plan at 6 pm (Cyprus time) at all polling stations both in the Republic of Cyprus and abroad.

Source: Cyprus News Agency