Turkey’s revisionist stance results in its international isolation, Greek FM says

Turkey’s provocative and revisionist stance regarding international law as well as its illegal actions in Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) lead to the country’s isolation by the international community, Greek Foreign Minister Giorgos Katrougalos has said while he has also pointed out that tension has been building up thus the possibility of an incident between Turkey and Cyprus could not be excluded.

In an interview to the Greek website indicator.gr and also an interview with radio station ERA1, Katrougalos underlined that the presence of the Turkish drillship Fatih (Conqueror) in Cyprus’ EEZ constitutes a blatant violation of the International Law and of the sovereign rights of the Republic of Cyprus. Turkey by flexing its muscles is aiming to create grey zones, a revisionist stance which undermines regional stability.

Greece remains in constant coordination with the Republic of Cyprus, in order to specify further appropriate action, Katrougalos said. Greece and Cyprus have an accumulated diplomatic capital, which they are now deploying against Turkish provocations, he said.

Recalling the European Council Conclusions on March 2018, the recent statement of the EU High Representative Federica Mogherini, as well as State Department’s statements, Katrougalos noted that the whole international community denounces Turkish actions.

We do not relish for Turkey’s isolation. However, the only context in which we can discuss with Turkey is the one of the International Law. More specifically, any discussion regarding the exploitation of our energy resources entails the respect of the Law of the Sea, the Minister said.

Speaking to radio station ERA1, Katrougalos commented on the recent visit of a Turkish delegation to Athens for discussions on the confidence-building measures. When tension is rising, there is a greater possibility for a hot incident to happen, Minister Katrougalos said, explaining that the discussions on the confidence-building measures aim to eliminate the possibility of an accident in the Aegean.

The goal is to implement the already existing confidence-building measures, he stressed.

As regards the recent statements of UK Minister Alan Duncan regarding the sovereign rights in the Cyprus’ EEZ, Katrougalos underlined that these statements were unfortunate and unacceptable. London made corrective statements on this issue, which are nevertheless insufficient, Katrougalos said.

Source: Cyprus News Agency