Turkey’s allegations on its continental shelf “unfounded, incorrect and arbitrary”, Greece tells UN

Greece has officially replied by way of a letter to the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres to previous Turkish allegations about the limits of its continental shelf in the Eastern Mediterranean noting that they are legally unfounded, incorrect and arbitrary.

Ambassador Dionysios Kalamvrezos, who acts as charge daffaires ad interim, notes that the Turkish allegations contained in a letter dated March 18 2019, regarding the limits of its continental shelf in the maritime area of the Eastern Mediterranean, as well as the coordinates 3216’18E and 2800’00E mentioned therein, are legally unfounded, incorrect and arbitrary to the extent that they disregard Greece’s sovereign rights in the area, and in particular the legitimate maritime zones of the Dodecanese islands.

Greece, the letter reads, wishes to reiterate once again that, according to a well-established principle of the law of the sea, islands, regardless of their size, have full entitlement to maritime zones (continental shelf/exclusive economic zone), as other land territory.

Furthermore, it says, the reference in the above letter to the outcome of future delimitation agreements in the Aegean Sea, as well as in the Mediterranean, among all relevant States constitutes, in our view, open interference with the right of Greece to effect delimitation agreements with third States on the basis of international law and without prejudice to the sovereign rights of such States.

Greece’s firm policy is to settle any outstanding issue with its neighbours in good faith and in accordance with international law, it notes.

Greece also rejects the reference, in the abstract, to notions such as prevailing parameters and special circumstances, which are legally irrelevant and misleading, and are made for the sole purpose of prejudging future delimitation outcomes in the said area.

Greece refutes in their entirety the above-mentioned Turkish allegations, considers them void of any legal consequences as to Greece’s sovereign rights and calls upon Turkey to respect the sovereign rights of all States in the said maritime area in accordance with international law, the letter says.

Source: Cyprus News Agency