Turkey’s actions do not contribute to its EU perspective, EP President says

Turkeys actions do not contribute to its EU perspective the President Antonio Tajani of the European Parliament told the Press in Brussels, on the sidelines of the informal EU Summit. The EP President also said that he follows closely President Anastasiades effrots to resolve the Cyprus issue,

More specifically, responding to a question on the recent development in Cyprus’ EEZ, Antonio Tajani noted that “we are watching with great concern and attention the efforts of President Anastasiades to find a solution with the occupied by the Turks part of Cyprus, but unfortunately he has not reached this goal, probably by responsibility of his interlocutors. “

He also noted that with regard to the events with ENIs drillship, “I called President Anastasiades, I expressed him my solidarity, and I also declared then that these actions definitely do not contribute to Turkeys European perspective.” “The choice of dialogue and peace, are always positive,” he concluded.

Source: Cyprus News Agency