Turkey more isolated than ever, Greek Alternate Foreign Minister says

Turkey is more isolated than ever, as opposed to Greece which constantly upgrades is diplomatic strength, Greek Alternate Minister of Foreign Affairs George Katrougkalos has said.

Responding to a current question of New Democracy MP Giorgos Koummoutsakos on the heightened Turkish provocations in the Aegean Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean, Katrougkalos said Ankara’s rhetoric is not a sign of strength but a sign of weakness.

Turkey, he said, tried to foil Cyprus’ right on its energy resources. It failed. For the first time (Turkey) heard the EE criticizing its policy in the Aegean, he said.

The Greek Alternate Foreign Minister also added that Greece should consistently opt for the road of international law and the calm and responsible power, noting that the increase of Turkish rhetoric of tension should not be met by the Greek side with the same terms.

As a force of peace, soberness, as a pillar of stability in the region as a country based on the international law, our country does not follow the other side’s rhetoric, he went on to say.

Katrougkalos disputed figures showing a quantitative increase of Turkish aggression. But he pointed out that moves of the Turkish survey vessel Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha show a qualitative increase of the Turkish tactics which was replied upon with a representation on October 18 and a note verbal extended to the Turkish ambassador in Athens.

As a permanent characteristic of Turkish foreign policy, Turkey is acting as a revisionist force, seeking to dispute the international law in the region with rhetoric and actions. Our side’s long-standing tactic based on our national rights and the international law is not to leave unanswered any of the other side’s tactics, seeking to create grey areas in the Aegean and to create fait accompli, he went on to say.

Concerning a visit of Greek Premier Alexis Tsipras to Turkey, Katrougkalos said this would be held if the conditions to deliver results are in place.

Source: Cyprus News Agency