Turkey has never said it would not pay damages ordered by ECHR, Jagland tells CNA

Turkey has never said it would not pay compensation which the European Court of Human Rights has ordered Ankara to pay in connection with applications filed by Greek Cypriots, ThorbjA�rn Jagland, the Secretary General of the Council of Europe said on Friday, acknowledging at the same time that it is taking a lot of time for Ankara to meet its obligations.

In an interview with CNA during his official visit in Nicosia, Jagland also said that although not directly involved in settlement talks, the Council of Europe (CoE) may indirectly contribute towards improving contacts between the two communities in Cyprus.

He referred in particular to the European Convention on Human Rights, which according to the Secretary General, may act as a “Confidence Building Measure”, when taking stock of its “unifying effect” in Europe.

Source: Cyprus News Agency.