Turkey aims to perpetuate the unacceptable status quo, Government Spokesman says

The decision of the Turkish army regarding the Maronite villages in the Turkish occupied areas of Cyprus is a step made by Turkey towards implementing its plans, part of which was the cause of the deadlock in the peace talks in Crans Montana, Government Spokesman Nikos Christodoulides has said in a written statement.

Christodoulides stressed that Ankara’s objective is to perpetuate the unacceptable status quo caused by the 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus.

The latest round of UN-facilitated negotiations to solve the Cyprus problem, which took place in the Swiss ski resort of Crans Montana, ended inconclusively.

He added that the decision of the occupation “authorities” is made in the context of imposing the Turkish position as this was expressed at the negotiating table, according to which the Maronite villages would not be returned under the administration of the Greek Cypriot constituent state within the framework of a comprehensive solution of the Cyprus problem.

The decision aims at nothing more than to create new faits accomplish and create impressions in addition to being an attempt to provoke controversy among the refugees, the Spokesman notes.

The Government Spokesman called on Turkey to leave aside any communications games and work constructively and away from extreme and anachronistic positions to end the occupation and reunite Cyprus.

Following the Turkish invasion in 1974, the Maronites became refugees and the four Maronite villages namely Kormakitis, Karpashia, Asomatos and Agia Marina Skyllouras lie in the Turkish occupied area of the island.

With the establishment of the Republic of Cyprus in 1960, the Maronites had to choose to belong either to the Greek Cypriot or the Turkish Cypriot Community. The Maronites opted to join the Greek Cypriot Community.

Source: Cyprus News Agency