Tuesday’s meeting at Asharqia Chamber emphasizes the role of the business sector in supporting associations and the importance of developing their financial resources

Tuesday’s monthly meeting at Asharqia Chamber emphasized the great role played by the business sector in the region towards the society in order to improve its services and its effective contribution to meet its needs.

The meeting was held in the presence of the Chairman of the Board of Directors Abdul Hakim bin Hamad Al-Ammar Al-Khalidi, Chairman of Tarmeem Charity Hamad Al Khalidi, and the Executive Director of Mawa Charity Mohammed Al-Samman.

The meeting was hosted by the Chamber on Tuesday, April 2, 2019.

The meeting reviewed the achievements of the business sector in supporting charities in the region, where it was able to implement its lofty goals, which benefit the society and its members.

The participants of the meeting pointed out that many of the services of the associations have developed through the initiatives and ideas presented by entrepreneurs in order to sustain the financial resources of the associations, so that they can cope with the demand for their services and also to carry out their various roles without stopping or faltering.

The meeting, which was attended by board member Najib bin Abdullah Al-Sihati and the Secretary General of the Chamber Abdulrahman bin Abdullah Al Wabel, discussed the importance of continuing to support the charities in various aspects to continue to give to the segments of the beneficiary.

It pointed out the importance of developing financial aspects and ideas and looking at an economic outlook to develop the services of these charities.

For his part, the Chairman of the Chamber Al-Khalidi said that the business sector is not late in registering positive attendance to continue its message to the community either through support or advice and to participate in supporting the needs of charities in the region.

Al-Ammar pointed out that the charities have a high-level message that interact with the business sector on an ongoing basis.

He stressed their support for the rise of this important voluntary sector, which is a reason for the sustainability of business.

He pointed to the need to develop financial resources for them to move to sustainable business.

In conclusion, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Asharqia Chamber Abdul Hakim bin Hamad Al-Ammar Al-Khalidi honored the guest speakers the Chairman of Tarmeem Charity, Hamad Al Khalidi, and the Executive Director of Mawa Charity, Mohammed Al-Samman, with wo memorial plaques.

Source: Republic of Cyprus, Ministry of Foreign Affairs