TRAVEL: Flights from Alexandria to Cyprus could cost EUR 60

Alexandria’s governor Abdel Aziz Konsowa told Cypriot House speaker Demetris Syllouris that he is negotiating with budget airlines aiming to connect the Egyptian port city with Cyprus via flights costing Euros 60.

We discussed the connection by air of Alexandria with cities in Cyprus in the context of low-cost airlinesSome of them have submitted their offersour goal is for tickets not to exceed Euros 60, said Konsowa.

This, he noted, will contribute in having joint tourism inflow between the two countries, as we discussed with our partners in Cyprus.

Konsowa, who met Syllouris and a parliamentary delegation from Nicosia, also expressed his wish for more business-to-business cooperation between Cyprus and Alexandria.

We are looking forward to enhancing our cooperation in three areas, tourism, education and business, Konsowa said.

On tourism, he was in favour of cooperation for establishing cruise packages between companies offering such services.

Alexandria’s Governor also proposed that the next visit on behalf of Cyprus is a business delegation under the aegis of the chambers of commerce and industry and that a similar visit should be organised in Nicosia.

Syllouris referred to the importance of twinning Alexandria with coastal cities such as Limassol and Paphos and suggested that Alexandria should also cultivate closer relations with Larnaca.

He also referred to a discussion he had at trilateral level with his counterparts of Greece and Egypt on tourism and said that they discussed specifically a proposal to share kiosks when in tourism and travel exhibitions in far-away countries such as China, Japan, America, Australia or South Africa.

Source: The Financial Mirror