TRAVEL: Eyewatering Cyprus airfares for Greek summer getaways

Cypriot holidaymakers planning a summer getaway will have to dig deep into their pockets just to get off the ground.

Holidaymakers flying to any destination are expected to dish out a significant amount on airfares, but those choosing Greek destinations will have to pay even more as airfares to Athens and the Greek islands are pricier than going to Madrid or Vienna.

According to Philenews return air tickets from Larnaca to Athens in mid-July range from Euros 150 to Euros 170.

Prices from the beginning of August range from Euros 170 to Euros 180 and from 15 August till the end of the summer season fares are Euros 200 to Euros 220.

Air tickets to Thessaloniki with a departure date in mid-July, range from Euros 200 to Euros 230. Prices before August 15 are between Euros 240 and Euros 260.

In the week including 15 August prices reach Euros 300. Destinations to the Greek islands are even more expensive.

Direct flights to Rhodes in mid-July range from Euros 288 to Euros 350, while for some dates the peak is Euros 430. During the week of 15 August prices are around Euros 400.

For a flight to Heraklion in mid-August, prices range Euros 328-Euros 338 while in mid-July it cost between Euros 210 and Euros 230. If one chooses to travel to popular Santorini in mid-July prices are on average Euros 330 rising to Euros 400. In mid-August prices the spike at Euros 470 to Euros 580.

Meanwhile, prices for European cities seem to be lower. A return ticket to Paris will cost holidaymakers anything between Euros 280 and Euros 400.

Air tickets in mid-August to the French capital are between Euros 200 and Euros 350.

Vienna appears to be a cheaper destination, regarding airfares, as prices start from Euros 130 in mid-July and vary between Euros 200 and Euros 300 in August. Holidaymakers heading for Madrid will find tickets in July for around Euros 200 to Euros 300.

Source: The Financial Mirror