Travel Advice by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Democratic Republic of Congo

Country: Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Travel Advice: Avoid travel completely

Details: Travel Advice for the citizens of the Republic of Cyprus that are resident in the Democratic Republic of Congo, working there or intend to visit the country. The situation is already turbulent and is expected to further escalate if the current president does not hand over power ending on 19 December 2016 and announce new elections. Violent clashes have taken place in the recent past between demonstrators and security forces in the capital Kinshasa and other major cities. Due to the continuous deteriorating in the country security situation, the Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Cyprus advises all Cypriot citizens who are permanent residents, working there or intend to visit the Democratic Republic of Congo, to avoid traveling there and moreover to leave the country as soon as possible if the present situation deteriorates further, in the safest possible way.

Please note that due to the absence of a Cypriot diplomatic mission in the country, the Republic of Cyprus is not able to provide consular assistance to Cypriot citizens who are visiting the country.

Cypriots are also informed that, as citizens of the EU and in the absence of Cypriot diplomatic missions in the visiting country, they have the right (under Article 23 of the Treaty of Lisbon) to receive consular protection from any diplomatic mission (Embassy or Consulate) of an EU Member State.

Source: Press and Information Office