Transportation Minister participates in the EU Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council

At the EU Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council, which was held on Thursday, December 1, 2016 in Brussels, the Minister of Transport, Telecommunications and Works, Mr Marios Demetriades, welcomed the initiative endorsed by the European Commission to revise the rules and standards on passenger ship safety so that they are easier to update, monitor and enforce, and noted that the Republic of Cyprus intends to contribute constructively towards the adoption of the proposal as such a development is to benefit both the passengers and ships’ crews.

Minister Demetriades also referred to the launch of negotiations between the EU and Turkey regarding the European Aviation Agreement, paying particular attention to the need the negotiations to help resolve safety problems that the southeastern Mediterranean faces, within the framework of international standards and international law. Resolving the existing problems is a sine qua non towards the conclusion of the Agreement and its acceptance by the Republic of Cyprus, Minister Demetriades highlighted.

During a working lunch, EU28 discussed the funding framework for public and private investments in the transportation sector and the optimum use of the opportunities offered by the use of EU funds with other funds, especially funds coming from the private sector. Mr Demetriades welcomed the reinforcement of financial instruments with private sector finance, and called on the EU to take into account the particular geographical features that member states, such as Cyprus, enjoy during the selection criteria of the projects.

On the margins of the Council, Minister Demetriades met with the Shipping and Island Policy Minister of Greece, Mr Panagiotis Kouroumblis, and discussed issues of mutual interest, particularly issues related to the competitiveness of the European shipping and air pollution from ships.

Source: Press and Information Office