Trade records positive growth in 2016

Cyprus’ trade sector registered a positive growth rate in 2016, compared to the year before, the Statistical Service of Cyprus reported on Wednesday.

According to Cystat, the turnover in trade, wholesale and retail, increased in 2016 by 3.9% to Euros 11.337,1 million compared to Euros 10.910,1 million in 2015.

Production value in 2016 reached Euros 2.818,2 million, rising by 6.1% compared to the year before.

Value added at current prices rose by 7.5% to Euros 1.745,9 million in 2016 compared to Euros 1.623,6 million in 2015.

Employment also increased in 2016 by 4.0% to 64,6 thousand compared to 62,2 thousand in 2015.

Source: Cyprus News Agency