Trade Minister Lakkotrypis calls for the promotion of Cyprus’ special interests within the EU free trade agreements

Cyprus wants to see its own interests being promoted through trade agreements negotiated by the EU with third countries at this time, and in particular with regard to dairy, pharmaceuticals, services and shipping, said in Brussels Minister for Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism George Lakkotrypis.

The Minister took part earlier in the Foreign Affairs Council (FAC – Trade) held in Trade Ministers format, concerned with the latest developments in the World Trade Organization (WTO) and EU trade agreements with third countries.

In particular, the Minister speaking on camera at the Press and Information Office, said that “the main issues discussed were the latest developments with the World Trade Organization (WTO), but we also received a briefing by the Commissioner responsible on the latest developments in a number of commercial agreements currently negotiated by the Union with third countries “

“With regard to the WTO issue, Cyprus unreservedly expressed its support for the EU and Commission efforts to maintain the multilateral trade system and of course at the same time recognizing the need to modernize the organization,” noted the Minister .

“As far as the negotiations currently under way for new trade agreements are concerned, we expressed our support, but at the same time, it is our desire to see some of Cyprus special interests being promoted in these agreements, such as free trade trade in dairy products, pharmaceuticals, but also services, and especially shipping,” he concluded.

Source: Cyprus News Agency