Trade deficit up in January-July 2016

Trade deficit increased by 33.7% in January-July 2016 to Euros 2.516 million compared to Euros 1.882,4 million in the corresponding period of 2015, according to data released Friday by the Statistical Service of Cyprus.

Total imports/arrivals January-July 2016 amounted to Euros 3.462,9 mn as compared to Euros 3.021,0 mn in January-July 2015. Total exports/dispatches in January-July 2016 were Euros 947 mn compared to Euros 1.138,6 mn in January-July 2015.

As far as imports concern, consumer goods valued at Euros 1.114,6mn or 32.2%, intermediate inputs valued at Euros 731,1mn or 21.1%. The manufacturing sector absorbed Euros 469,6 mn. Raw materials for the construction sector were Euros 104,4mn, fuels and lubricants, including crude petroleum oil, valued at Euros 490,5mn and transport equipment with their parts accounted for Euros 928,4mn.

The European Union continued to be the main source

Source: Cyprus News Agency.