Trade deficit shows annual decrease in January 2018

The trade deficit declined to Euros 412,9 mn in January 2018 compared to Euros 453,0 mn in the corresponding period of 2017, the Statistical Service of Cyprus reported on Monday.

Total imports in January 2018 were down to Euros 616,4 mn compared to Euros 633,6 mn in January 2017, while total exports increased to Euros 203,6 mn compared to Euros 180,6 mn in the same month last year.

Total exports of domestically produced goods, excluding stores and provisions, in January 2018 grew to Euros 114,7 mn compared to Euros 98,3 mn in January 2017.

Total domestic exports of industrial products in the first month of the year stood at Euros 106,0 mn compared to Euros 89,6 mn in the corresponding month of 2017.

Total domestic exports of agricultural products in January 2018 increased to Euros 7,8 mn compared to Euros 6,9 mn in January 2017.

Source: Cyprus News Agency