Tourists from Switzerland, USA, Norway and Austria spent the most per capita in Cyprus in October

Tourists from Switzerland, USA, Norway and Austria spent the most per capita during their holidays in Cyprus in October, with an average expenditure of more than €1,000, according to data published by the Statistical Service on Friday.

In October 2022 revenue from tourism reached €319.8 mn, recording an increase of 6.8% compared to October 2019, which is consider a record year in the sector, although arrivals were down by 8.2%, compared to the same month.

Most arrivals in October were tourists from the United Kingdom, who reached 150,699. Tourists from Israel reached 33,624, from Germany 31,556, Greece 20,934 and Poland 18,871.

The most revenue, combining number of arrivals, days of stay and daily spending came largely from UK tourists, reaching €127.97 mn. This was followed by revenue from tourists from Germany with €27.57 mn, from Israel with €23.20 mn, from Switzerland with €14.17 mn and from Austria with €13.44 mn.

Tourists from the USA stayed the longest, averaging 15.6 days. Tourists from the UK followed with 9.9 days, from Norway with 9.6 days, Germany with 8.9 days and Sweden with 8.6 days.

Per day, the Swiss spent the most, averaging €156.28. Tourists from Austria followed, spending €134 per day, Israel with €118.99, Norway with €118.90 and Denmark with €113,55.

During their stay in Cyprus, combining their visit’s duration and their daily expenditure, the most revenue per capita was spent by the Swiss tourists, with an average of €1,297,16. Tourists from the USA spent €1,285,23, from Norway €1,141.40, and from Denmark €919.75.

Tourists from Greece spent the least per capita and per day, with €375,96 and €50,81 respectively. The shortest visits were made by tourists from Israel, with an average of 5.8 days, while the least arrivals were from tourists from Lebanon, reaching 2,606.

Source: Cyprus News Agency