Tourist arrivals and departures record increase in October

?n icrease in the arrivals and departures of tourists was recorded in October 2018, according to figures released on Monday by the Statistical Service of Cyprus.

The number of arrivals of travelers was 566, 027 compared to 545,452 in October 2017 with an increase of 3.8%. This increase in arrivals is mainly due to the rise in the arrivals of tourists (6.6%). An increase of 2.4% was also recorded in the departures of travelers, which reached 622,239.

According to the figures by CyStat, the number of visitors in October was 446.591 and 433.617 of them were tourists out of which 12.974 visited the island for a day. 10.724 of these arrived via Cyprus ports and 2.250 via the airports.

Cyprus residents who travelled abroad in October and returned back were 115.022. Migrants, permanent workers etc, were 4.414.

Source: Cyprus News Agency