Tourism Sector Wants to Be Largest Employer

Luanda – The chairperson of Angolan Hotel and Resorts Association (AHRA) Alexandre Portugal said that the tourism sector wants to become the largest employer in Angola due to its potential.

The AHRA manager was speaking to Angop on the sidelines of restructuring session of the Association, noting that in 2014 the sector created about 5,000 jobs in the country.

He said that the tourism plans to increase in the coming years judging by its rapidly growing capacity.

Ten years ago the sector had the opportunity to develop and create industry hubs that would become attractive, but such did not happen, he said.

To this purpose, the current context makes it more difficult for the tourism to develop. But this does not mean that such cannot be done.

The chairperson pledged that efforts are in progress to develop the hotel industry in the country by getting in touch with entrepreneurs.

Alexandre Portugal also defended the need to outline policies to attract mainly the private sector to the tourism rather restricting to the public sector.

Source: All Africa