Together with Huoshan Municipal Government, OConnect Creates Trading Opportunities for Middle East Buyers

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Aug. 5, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Global OConnect will hold a Procurement Fair on August 8th in Speedex Complex showroom 3, Dubai, where its exhibition warehouse locates. The Dubai OConnect was officially introduced on April 28th this year, which has drawn wide attention from suppliers and buyers from China and Middle East.

Since the launch of exhibition warehouses overseas, a growing number of Chinese suppliers have shown great interests in participating, as they believe that OConnect provides a convenient platform to get acquaintance with trade partners.

One representative from Huoshan company disclosed that some Middle Eastern buyers had already contacted him through OSell App, an online communication portal partnered with OConnect, to inquire specific product information. Therefore, the coming fair would create valuable opportunities to communicate with buyers face-to-face. If everything goes well, they could sign the contract right on site upon agreements. According to colleagues in Dubai, transactions were already generated before the fair when local buyers visited the warehouse and chose Chinese watch.

On a larger scale, the fair also takes both countries’ bilateral economic interests into consideration and would benefit local economies as a result. Trade between China and UAE is complementary due to economic structures. The fair will bring light industrial products to Middle East, which are normally imported by local economies.

Over ten companies from Huoshan City will introduce their home furnishing products ranging from light bulbs, floor boards to tableware, with support from Huoshan City Business Bureau, a trade department of Huoshan Municipal Government.

Besides the government supports, the fair is designed to accommodate Huoshan City’s competitive advantages and Dubai’s local needs. Huoshan City is located in a mountainous area with abundant bamboo resources and is famous for home decoration products historically, while Dubai enjoys a rapidly developing real estate industry which fuels a huge demand for household construction materials. Therefore, Huoshan enterprises’ appearance in Dubai will lend local retailers a hand to purchase ideal products that meet their special needs.

From local buyers’ perspectives, the fair works as a convenient way to reach out to Chinese suppliers and express their target needs specifically. More importantly, with a better understanding of Dubai’s local market by assisting businesses from both sides, OConnect will also learn to adjust its business mode accordingly to improve service, which will ultimately benefits Chinese suppliers and overseas buyers.