Three Cypriots fly to Nepal to hand out clothing to those in need

Three Cypriots, Socrates Rossides and brothers Nicolas and Constantinos Nicolaou are setting off to Nepal where for the next 15 days they will hand out shoes and clothing mainly to children and Buddhist monks in need.

In statements to CNA Rossides, a lawyer speaks of the foundation he has recently established the non-profit “Rhea Foundation.”

In total the three Cypriot volunteers will transport about 160 pairs of shoes, 320 shirts and 160 monks robes and are set to cover a distance of over 1,000 km using off road motorbikes.

The foundations goal, Rossides points out is “to open a new door in peoples perception that the reality of comfort and wellbeing in which they live is not the whole picture.”

“A voyage of voluntary service, would make any person more evolved, since instead of living his day to day life he will do something which will make him feel more complete and possibly happier as a person,” he adds.

Their effort will be recorded on a daily basis by cameras and anyone will be able to follow their journey through the foundations Facebook page “Rhea Foundation”, while a website is expected to be operational soon.

Source: Cyprus News Agency