Third suitcase containing remains of a woman retrieved from Mitsero’s Red Lake

The badly decomposed body of a woman, believed to be one of the seven victims of the self-confessed 35-year-old serial killer, was retrieved from the toxic lake at Nicosia village of Mitsero before midday.

The body was found inside a suitcase, tied up, together with concrete slabs used for pavements.

A 35-year-old army captain confessed in May that he has killed since 2016 seven women, including two young girls and dumped their bodies at various locations, including a toxic lake and a reservoir.

Investigations will now concentrate at Memi Lake at Xyliatos, reliable sources told CNA, to locate the last victim, a six year old girl, whose mother’s body was found at the Mitsero mine shaft in April.

Another woman was found at the Orounda firing range and a woman and her young daughter were found murdered in another two suitcases retrieved from the Red Lake last month.

Source: Cyprus News Agency