They are being Trained for a Professional Career

The 9th Silver Screen Days featuring the screening of films translated by Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Arts and Sciences Faculty, Translation and Interpretation Department final year students took place this week.

Within the framework of the Silver Screen Days event, EMU Department of Translation and Interpretation showed its difference once again. The event included informative presentations about audio-visual translation techniques and revealed the significance of applied training for a professional career.

Translation and Interpretation Department students Sibel Yurtsuz, Leyla Kilis, C. Ilkim Ozcanel, Kemale Adilova, Direnc Kuyucu, Elshad Muradxan, Afgan Balashli, Kamil G. Caglar, Huseyin Takar, Sermin Denizli, Erdem Arslan, Tuygan Uygur, Meliz Yucedal, Mina Huseynli and Nezaket Sadirvan translated a number of historical, drama, comedy and animation movies.

Translation and Interpretation Department Academic Staff and Audio-Visual Translation Specialist Neslihan Binatli Hekimoglu stated that the event aims to make students aware of the important responsibility undertaken by translators also adding that there is a sectoral need for quality translation and expert translators in the field of subtitle translation (not only in the movie and TV series sector but also in the digital gaming sector).

Hekimoglu noted that to function as a high quality translator, one must possess effective Translation Techniques, Intercultural Communication and General Knowledge.

Since its establishment the EMU Department of Translation and Interpretation has aimed to provide experienced and quality translators for the translation sector and during the Silver Screen Days, it rightly prides itself for the achievement of these objectives.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University