There should be preparation before a new Conference on Cyprus resumes, Spokesman says

Greece and Turkey should prepare on the issues of security and guarantees before talks resume on the Cyprus issue, said Government Spokesman Nikos Christodoulides.

In remarks as to what the government is anticipating from today’s visit of the Turkish president in Athens, Christodoulides said that the message of the Greek government, in cooperation with the Republic of Cyprus, is clear, and has to do with the need for preparation, to hold a dialogue between the two countries as far as security and guarantees are concerned, in order to see if there is a structure to reconvene the Conference on Cyprus and have real chances for a positive outcome.

The Crans Montana talks had a negative conclusion due to the Turkish positions, especially on security and guarantees, and if Turkey insists on the same positions, a new Conference will not yield results, the Spokesman said, adding that the government does not wish for a new, failed Conference on Cyprus.

Christodoulides said the government is waiting for the conclusion of Erdogans visit, adding that next week, when the President of the Republic will be in Brussels for the European Council, he will meet with the Greek Premier and be briefed on today’s discussions.

He also said that Erdogan’s remarks regarding the Treaty of Lausanne were not made in the right contents.

Source: Cyprus News Agency