There can be no “a la carte” approach as regards the international law implementation, FM stresses

Foreign Minister, Nikos Christodoulides, stressed on Wednesday that there can be no a la carte approach as regards the international law implementation.

Christodoulides was invited to comment a report published by Turkish newspaper “YeniSafak” which said that the Turkish navy had blocked the route of seven ships from various countries, which agreed with the Republic of Cyprus to carry out natural gas explorations to the west of Cyprus.

The Foreign Minister noted that this press report as well as statements made daily by the Turkish side are nothing else but hybrid threats that aim to create panic to the population of the targeted country, question sovereign rights and spread doubts among the companies which conduct operations in the Republic of Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone.

Noting that references to the international law are made in the report, Christodoulides stressed that there can be no a la carte approach as regards the international law implementation.

Moreover, he reminded to all those, who as he noted, refer to the international law, that the Republic of Cyprus has extended a public invitation to Turkey, on the basis of the international law, the relevant 1982 Law of the Sea Convention, to begin negotiations in order to delineate our Exclusive Economic Zones.”

Christodoulides called on everyone to act cautiously when dealing with statements which aim to create certain problems.

He also noted that the EU Foreign Affairs Council discussed last Monday about misinformation, fake news and hybrid threats, which almost all EU member states are facing, as well as about the need for coordinated actions at the European level, with a view to address these challenges.

He said that one of the main conclusions of this discussion was that third states will continue to adopt such approaches. Christodoulides said that it is important for the EU member states to act in cooperation with the private sector, the mass media, to update the people so that the society will be able to realize the aim of such statements.

Source: Cyprus News Agency