The Turkey-Libya ‘agreement’ is arbitrary and illegal, says GUE/NGL

The Turkey-Libya agreement is arbitrary and illegal, says GUE/NGL party in the European Parliament, in a written statement issued today.

According to the written statement, “the Turkish and Libyan governments have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on maritime boundaries in the Mediterranean Sea as well as a deal on expanded security and military cooperation”.

“This memorandum is arbitrary and illegal since it completely ignores the International Law of the Sea and the legitimate rights of other states in the region”, GUE/NGL states.

“We condemn Turkeys growing provocative actions in the Eastern Mediterranean”, the party stresses.

“Turkey’s arbitrary, illegal and unacceptable actions are counter-productive for the efforts to resume substantive negotiations on the Cyprus problem. The current illegal drillings in the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Republic of Cyprus must be stopped immediately”, GUE/NGL states.

“The recent illicit Memorandum of Understanding with Libya and Turkeys verbal note to the UN with the defined unilateral coordinates violate the sovereign rights of Greece. The EU must urge Turkey to terminate all illegal activities and stop endangering the region with more conflicts and must examine the possibility of extending the sanctions regime to persons and companies engaged in illegal activities in the Exclusive Economic Zone of Greece”, concludes the statement.

Source: Cyprus News Agency