The Tax Department has received Euros 1.868.752 from persons in Lagarde list

The total amount of Euros 1.868.752 has been received so far by the Tax Department from persons included in the Lagarde list.

Moreover, 4-5 cases are being investigated in depth in connection with tax evasion.

Regarding the Panama Papers, 670 letters have been sent and a three-member team from the Tax Department has recently started looking into data and information which are requested and presented by taxpayers, whose names are included in the Panama Papers as “Beneficial Owners”.

In particular, the Ministry of Finance in a letter sent to the House of Representatives on 8 December in reply to questions submitted by members of the Parliamentary Committee on Finance, says that 54 out of the 490 profiles of the Lagarde list are still under consideration. No additional taxes are expected to result in connection with 17 profiles out of 54.

In relation to the Panama Papers, the Ministry’s letter says that although the investigation is at a preliminary stage so far it shows that most taxpayers who are presented as Beneficial Owners are actually nominee directors or shareholders.

Source: Cyprus News Agency