The strengthening of relations between Cyprus and the diaspora in Australia is an obligation, House President says

The strengthening of the relations between the Republic of Cyprus and the Cypriots of diaspora in Australia constitutes an obligation for the Republic, President of the House of Representatives Demetris Syllouris has said. The President and the interparliamentary delegation accompanying him on his official visit to Australia, attended on Tuesday evening a reception hosted by the High Commissioner of Cyprus in Canberra, Martha Mavre.

In his address, Syllouris said that hundreds of Cypriot expatriates can assist the High Commissioner in her role in Australia.

He then referred to the tragic incidents of fires in Australia, reiterating that the Republic of Cyprus, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the High Commission, has contributed with a symbolic financial aid to the effort for restoring the damages caused by the fires.

Referring to the relations between the Cypriot diaspora and the Republic of Cyprus Syllouris said that the issue should not be approached as a possibility, but as an obligation that would bring practical and tangible results in areas such as education, trade, tourism, technology and sciences.

He also referred to the situation in the Middle East and the Turkish invasion to Syria and Libya. He reiterated that the answer to Ankaras military stance and policy is peace, cooperation and prosperity, as it is promoted with countries like Jordan, Israel, Egypt and Lebanon.

The President of the House said that cooperation with the diaspora of Israel, Lebanon and Egypt is being promoted and noted that this cooperation would also benefit the EU.

The High Commissioner stressed her respect to the expatriate Cypriots in Australia, who try to keep the traditions of their homeland alive.

Source: Cyprus News Agency