The status quo is not a solution to the Cyprus problem, Greek Alternate FM says

Greek Alternate Minister of Foreign Affairs George Katrougalos reiterated Greece’s strong commitment to the solution of the Cyprus issue pointing out that the status quo does not constitue an acceptable solution.

Katrougalos told Greek Radio News 24/7 on Thursday that the chapters of security and guarantees constitute pivotal aspects of the negotiation process.

The abolition of the anachronistic Treaty of guarantees and the configuration of a concrete timetable for the withdrawal of all foreign troops from Cyprus, are fundamental preconditions for the solution of the Cyprus Issue, said Alternate Minister Katrougalos. He also stressed that both Greece and Cyprus maintain a common stance on supporting this institutional acquis during the negotiation process.

Our aim is a solution of the Cyprus issue. During the past year [] we have managed to place the Cyprus problem under the right perspective which is its international dimension as a problem of illegal invasion and military occupation, said Katrougalos.

Furthermore, the Greek Minister stressed that a solution that would not secure Cyprus’ rights stemming from the European acquis could not be acceptable. However, he noted, a no solution of the Cyprus problem would constitute acceptance of the status quo, of the invasion and the division of the country. It would mean that the de facto division would become de jure, he said and expressed the opinion that this could not be the solution of the Cyprus problem.

Source: Cyprus News Agency