The role of women in a sustainable tomorrow, discussed during BPW Mediterranean Symposium

The place of women as the driver for a more resilient tomorrow, was at the spotlight of the 4th BPW Mediterranean Symposium, taking place on Friday and Saturday, in Nicosia.

House President Annita Demetriou highlighted the role women can play in contributing to the transformation of the society and the economy, while Niovi Parissinou, Deputy Government Spokeswoman, representing Cyprus President assured that the government is taking concrete steps in increasing participation of women in the labour market, protecting their rights and fostering female entrepreneurship.

Addressing the symposium, Demetriou said that, as the first woman elected to the presidency of the House of Representatives and in full recognition of the high demands and expectations that the said position entails “I hereby reaffirm my commitment to contribute to the cause of prote

Source: Cyprus News Agency