The project “Fighting Plastic Waste in Cyprus: The case of Chiringuitos Responsables” to begin in Cyprus

The initiative titled “Fighting Plastic Waste in Cyprus: The case of Chiringuitos Responsables”, has been announced.

According to a press release, the project aims at raising the awareness of Cypriot society about the sources and immediate consequences of discarding plastics at sea and at the same time at providing innovative proposals to reduce the problem. Th3e initiative was awarded by the Principality of Monaco.

As it is noted, the action aims at raising environmental awareness of the public and the key stakeholders that are involved in, contribute to and influence or make decisions as regards the problem of sea litter, and at developing forms of cooperation for the implementation of effective actions.

Specifically, the project aims at owners of coastal areas restaurants and bars in order to raise awareness on the protection of the beaches and reduce the amount of garbage, mainly plastic, abandoned by the people.

For the implementation of the action, an extensive information campaign is carried out throughout Cyprus, during which the team of AKTIS, accompanied by volunteers, visit the owners of the restaurants and the other businesses of food and drinks and inform them on how they can become environmentally responsible.

They also provide the owners with a comprehensive guide outlining the practices they can apply to minimize plastic waste.

The official launch of the campaign is scheduled to begin on June 28 at 16:00 at Yeroskipou Beach (Rikkos area) at the presence of the Spanish Ambassador in Cyprus Angel Lossada, representatives from the Municipality of Yeroskipou and the participation of a group of volunteers.

The project “Fighting Plastic Waste in Cyprus: The case of Chiringuitos Responsables” is carried out in the framework of the Beyond Plastic Med (BeMed) program “Fighting Plastic Pollution in the Mediterranean”, with a target to tackle the challenge of plastic waste in the Mediterranean and the support to innovative and socially responsible actions.

Source: Cyprus News Agency