The President of the Republic met with the Vice President of the United States of America

The President of the Republic, Mr Nicos Anastasiades met, today 22 September 2016, with the Vice President of the United States of America, Mr Joe Biden, in New York, where earlier in the morning he addressed the UN General Assembly.

After the meeting, which lasted for more than an hour, the Government Spokesman, Mr Nikos Christodoulides, told reporters that “it was a constructive, sincere and open discussion which lasted for more than an hour. There were three issues that dominated the discussion. On the one hand, the issue of Security and the need for Cyprus, through the solution of the Cyprus problem, to be able to continue and strengthen further its role as a provider of security in the particularly important area of the Eastern Mediterranean, something about which the President made a special reference to in his address to the UN General Assembly.

The necessity to avoid procedures that were followed in the past and affected, in their way, the final result, was also discussed; bilateral issues were discussed as well, with Energy and the prospects that exist in the area of the Eastern Mediterranean to be the main topic of discussion, in the presence of the competent minister of the American Department of State.

Mr Biden expressed his readiness to assist until the last day he will be in office, so that we can achieve the objectives of the termination of the occupation and the reunification of our homeland.”

Asked whether Mr Biden conveyed any message from the President of Turkey, the Spokesman said that “you understand that yesterday there was an extensive discussion on the Cyprus problem with the President of Turkey as well, and he [Mr Biden] briefed the President of the Republic in that regard.”

In response to a question whether any new element came up, the Spokesman said that “the position of our side, a position the President also mentioned to the US Vice President, is that everything will be judged by the outcome.

There is significant progress that is recorded, there are significant difficulties and disagreements, less on the property issue and more on the chapters of territorial readjustments and the guarantees, and everything will be judged by the outcome.

The President of the Republic will put before the people a plan that will not contain ambiguities, constructive or otherwise, a plan that will be very clear; and he will not be led, under any circumstances whatsoever, toward a solution that he knows does not address the concerns of the people of Cyprus. And the President of the Republic knows very well, which are the concerns of the people of Cyprus.”

In response to an observation by a reporter that there was not any reference to the issue of guarantees during the meeting between the Prime Minister of Greece Mr Alexis Tsipras and the President of Turkey Mr Tayip Erdogan, and asked whether today these issues were discussed, the Spokesman said that “Security and Guarantees are the same chapter at the negotiating table and in the framework of the solution to the Cyprus problem there cannot be guarantees by third countries or the presence of foreign troops.”

With regard to yesterday’s meeting between Prime Minister Tsipras and President Erdogan, the Spokesman said that “we were briefed right after the meeting about the discussion on the Cyprus problem that took place, and I ought to say that it was one of the issues that dominated the discussion.”

In the meeting of the President of the Republic with US Vice President Biden, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Ioannis Kasoulides, the Government Spokesman and government staff were also present.

Earlier today, the President of the Republic met at the UN Headquarters with His Eminence Pietro Parolin, Cardinal Secretary of State [equivalent to a Prime Minister] of the Holy See.

Later on, President Anastasiades attended the Cyprus Business and Economic Forum which was organized by the Hellenic Bank in cooperation with the Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency (CIPA), the Cyprus Investment Funds Association (CIFA), the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and the Cyprus Trade Center in New York.

The Minister of Finance of the Republic, Mr Harris Georgiades, was one of the featured speakers at the Forum, which is taking place under the auspices of the President of the Republic.

Source: Press and Information Office.