The number of patients admitted to hospitals increases by 0,5% in 2015

During 2015, 78.988 patients were admitted to state hospitals for treatment and were discharged, recording an increase of 0,5% over the previous year, according to the annual report Health and Hospital Statistics released by the Statistical Service of Cyprus.

The disease category, Neoplasms has the highest share 12,9% of in-patients in general hospitals. 33.069 surgical operations were performed in general hospitals on in-patients and out-patients, recording a decrease of 6,2% over the previous year.

Operations on general surgery accounted for 27,9% of all operations performed on in- patients and out-patients.

Out-patients attendance remains at the same level as in the previous year, reaching 1.841.974, recording a minor increase of 0,05%. A percentage of 50,5% of the out-patients attendances represents attendances at rural hospitals and health centers.

The highest proportions of out-patient visits in general hospitals have been observed in General Medicine, Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Paediatrics and Gynaecology-Obstetrics.

A total of 291.382 patients visited the Casualty Departments of the general hospitals, recording a decrease of 1,6% over the previous year.

The calculation of expenditure of health for 2015 was not feasible by the time of the publication of this report. According to revised figures, total expenditure on health services during 2014 is estimated at Euros 1.140,2 mn of which Euros 461,8 mn represent expenditure of the public sector and Euros 678,4 mn of the private sector. The share of total expenditure on health as a percentage to G.D.P decreased from 6,8% in 2013 to 6,5% in 2014.

Source: Cyprus News Agency