The Minister of Agriculture participated in the EU Environment Council, in Luxembourg

The Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment, Mr Nicos Kouyialis, participated in the EU Environment Council, held today in Luxembourg.

In the framework of the Council’s deliberations, Mr Kouyialis raised the issue of unallocated funds of NER300 funding programme, which is the world’s largest funding programme for the promotion of innovative technologies in the field of energy production from renewable resources. In this context, he called upon the European Commission to find, before the end of 2016, a way for a comprehensive use of the Programme’s funds, in order to ensure the implementation of the already selected projects. Also, Minister Kouyialis underlined that the support of innovative projects through the funding mechanism is of vital importance, so that the member states are in position to fulfill their goals according to the European climate-energy dossier and their international obligations, derived from Paris Agreement.

On the sidelines of the Council’s deliberations, Mr Kouyialis had a meeting with the European Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy, Mr Miguel Aries CaAete, whom he briefed on Cyprus’ positions on the issue, and the need to support three projects that will importantly contribute to the achievement of its national goals for the renewable energy resources.

Ministers also dealt with the issue of addressing climate change and, specifically, the adoption of legal tools for further reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fulfilling the EU’s commitment in the framework of Paris Agreement. Also, during the Council, the Ministers discussed and adopted Council’s Conclusions on the sustainable water management, as well as on the protection of biodiversity, in view of a relevant international conference.

Source: Press and Information Office