The LIBE Committee Cyprus’ mission report on missing persons to be presented tomorrow in Brussels

The members of the EPs Civil Liberties Committee (LIBE) mission in Cyprus are calling on the European Commission to “continue to provide sufficient resources to the Committee on Missing Persons” and urge “the governments of Turkey and Cyprus to continue to support the work of the CMP, to duplicate efforts to find those individuals still included in missing persons lists.”

They also underline that “the right to information about the fate of missing relatives is a fundamental right of the families concerned to be safeguarded.”

These conclusions are included in the draft report of the mission of the European Parliaments LIBE Committee, held on 3-5 April and expected to be presented tomorrow to the same Commission in Brussels, by Juan Fernando Lopez Aguilar (S and D, MEP) ) – Permanent Rapporteur on Missing Persons in Cyprus.

According to the draft report of the missions conclusions, the LIBE delegation “recognizes that the issue of missing persons in post-conflict situations is a very important element of the political, legal and social transition process from which many European countries have to go through.”

In detail, according to the conclusions of the report to be presented tomorrow, “relatives of missing persons have the right to be informed about the fate of their relatives.” It is also noted that “the families of missing persons and victims of violent disappearances and their needs should be at the heart of all actions on these issues in order to promote reconciliation within societies.”

The members of the mission note that the European Parliament is actively monitoring the situation in Cyprus and after the mission, the MEPs:

1. “support the work of the CMP and recognize the post-conflict role it plays in promoting truth, memory and reconciliation in Cyprus”,

2. “call on the Commission to continue to provide sufficient resources to the CMP in order to be able to fulfill its important mission,”

3. Calls on the Turkish and the Cypriot Governments to continue to support the work of the CMP, to redouble efforts to find those individuals still included in the missing persons lists and to ensure access to all information could facilitate its mission, “

4. they furthermore “invite the Turkish and Greek Governments and the UN to grant access to the CMP to information registered in their records”. The delegation also underlines that “the right to information on the fate of missing relatives is a fundamental right of the families concerned and must be ensured.”

5. Finally, the members of the mission “reiterate that the humanitarian issue of missing persons in Cyprus is an autonomous issue and must not be linked to or influenced by any political considerations.”

It is noted that in 2016, Juan Fernando Lopez Aguilar was appointed permanent rapporteur in the European Parliament on the issue of missing persons in Cyprus. In this context, the mission of April was to collect information on the latest developments in the work of the Committee on Missing Persons in Cyprus, “a bi-communal investigative body set up under the auspices of the United Nations to investigate the affairs of individuals which are ignored by the events of 1963-64 and 1974. “

The delegation also aimed to “assess the progress made in identifying work and examine the future prospects, including the timeframe for finding out the majority or all missing persons, the level of cooperation between the authorities involved and the financing of the project “.

Members of the delegation were Juan Fernando Lopez Aguilar, S and D – ES (Head of Mission and Permanent Speaker on Missing Persons in Cyprus) Asim Ademov (EPP – BG), Tomas Zdechovsky (EPP – CZ) and members accompanied by MEPs (S and D – CY), Dimitris Papadakis (S and D – CY), Takis Hadjigeorgiou (GUE / NGL – CY), Ms Lefteris Christoforou (EPP – CY).

Source: Cyprus News Agency