The latest news from the presidential election campaign trail

The attack at the headquarters in Limassol of the candidate for presidential elections, Nikos Christodoulides, overshadowed Saturday’s election campaign, with candidates and parties condemning the vandalism. Candidates also focused on the decision of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe to end the process of supervision in Titina’s Loizidou case.


Headquarters of the candidate for presidential elections, Nikos Christodoulides in Limassol, were attacked by unknown persons causing damages to the facade of the premises. The case was reported to the police and police officers went to the spot for investigations.


The unknown persons threw stones at the glass panes, shattering a number of glasses and wrote with black paint on the facade: “OUT OF OUR NEIGHBORHOOD”.


In a press release the staff of the candidate expresses regret for the attack.


“We express our regret for the incident and we call the entire Cypriot people to unity regardless of who they support, who they vote for and from which ideological-political area are coming from. There are many challenges for our country and we must be united”, the written statement says.


“Vandalism and any act in the dark have no place in a democratic election campaign”, says the election staff of the candidate President Andreas Mavroyiannis in a statement, condemning also the attack.


Mavroyiannis’ staff announcement went on to say that they will continue a moral campaign “with respect for all citizens and our opponents, based on positions and arguments, away from any attempt for polarization.”


Ruling party DISY in its statement condemned “in the strongest terms” the attack against the Christodoulides’ headquarters in Limassol.


“We are sure that the authorities will immediately investigate the case in order to find the real perpetrators. Vandalism has no place in our society and democracy,” it is also noted.


Christodoulides campaign continued in communities of Nicosia district


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Nikos Christodoulides visited on Saturday the communities of Evrychou, Korakou, Tembria, Kaliana, Galata and Kakopetria , as part of the second day of his bus tour in Nicosia district, under the title “Power in Motion”.


According to a statement from his staff, Christodoulides explained, among other things, some of his proposals concerning housing, the creation of Technical Schools on the models of Sports and Music Schools in the countryside, the strengthening of health services with the presence of personal doctors in the countryside, as well as the promotion of agro-technology and the utilization of “smart agriculture” technologies.


Candidates’ reactions to a decision for Titina Loizidou case




Nikos Christodoulides, expressed his regret for the decision of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe to end the process of supervision of the execution by Turkey of the decision of the ECHR, in the emblematic case of Titina Loizidou v. Turkey.


In a written statement, Christodoulides said that the termination of the supervision without Turkey having complied with the obligations stemming from the decision, in particular in relation to the restoration of Mrs. Loizidou’s property, constitutes a negative development, with potentially worrying implications on the property issue, which is a key parameter for the prospects of resolving the Cyprus issue within the framework defined by the resolutions of the UN Security Council.


Candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, George Kolokassides said he was sad on the decision by the Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers but also from AKEL’s comments on the right of Cyprus’ refugees to claim restoration of their human rights by all legal means, were unacceptable.


Kolokasides noted in a written statement that he considers unacceptable the reference in AKEL’s announcement to “the responsibility of those who try to resolve the property issues through justice”, saying that each person has the right to claim the restoration of their human rights with all legal means.


“Of course an appeal to the ECHR is one of those means. It is unacceptable for a political force to imply that violated human rights should not be claimed and simply left to the will and compromises of governments,” he said.


Source: Cyprus News Agency