The latest news from the presidential election campaign trail

The election campaign continued on Thursday with candidates signing the book of condolences for the late Archbishop Chrysostomos II while the Environmental Movement of Cyprus pledged support for Andreas Mavroyiannis’ candidacy.

Presidential candidate and president of the Democratic Rally, Averof Neofytou, said the late Archbishop Chrysostomos was a religious leader who will be known for positive reforms.

Speaking after signing the book of condolences for the Archbishop who died on Monday, Neofytou said the late church leader was distinguished for being direct and honest and he will be remembered for his reforms for the autocephalous Church of Cyprus.

Neofytou wrote in the book of condolences that the late Archbishop fought throughout his life for the best interests of the church, modernised the church institutions and tried to bring the people closer to the Church.

The Environmental Movement of Cyprus has decided to support the candidacy of independent candidate Andreas Mavroyiannis. It also urged all its members and friends who have set the environment and people high on their priorities to support Mavroyiannis.

Meanwhile, Averof Neofytou met with the Pacyprian organisation of large families. Neofytou’s spokeswoman Georgia Constantinou Panayiotou said Neofytou had the opportunity to present his proposals including a set of measures to support families, noting that both Neofytou and the organisation have common targets.

Source: Cyprus News Agency