The latest news from the presidential election campaign trail

The meeting between the Presidential candidate Averof Neophytou and the President of the Republic of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades, regarding the unity of DISY, is the highlight of today’s campaign activity of the Presidential candidates. Candidates have also issued announcements and held various meetings.


United we go forward, said DISY President Averof Neophytou after a meeting on Wednesday morning with the President of the Republic at the Presidential Palace. The meeting was arranged after various statements about problems in relations between DISY and the President in the wake of Neophytou’s statement about President Anastasiades’ attitude in the election campaign.


The President himself yesterday had spoken about unity and had announced that he would be sending a letter to the President of DISY which, however, after today’s meeting and the clarifications on both sides it will not be sent, CNA learns. In statements leaving the Presidential Palace and asked if any shadows have been dispelled, the DISY President said that he had a long, sincere and extremely productive meeting with the President. He added that he and Nicos Anastasiades are linked by common struggles of several decades and a cooperation always aimed at helping our country. “With President Anastasiades we have another thing in common, we have a common home, the Democratic Rally, and united we continue what we started, a battle that has to do with the future of our country,” he said.


DISY President and candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, Averof Neophytou, expressed the belief that Cyprus will find its way based on solid policies that bring security and stability, adding that he proposed a way for the Cyprus problem that takes advantage of the circumstances, unlocks the negotiations by combining energy and security.


In a written statement it is said that in a speech at an open gathering of friends and supporters of his candidacy in the free Famagusta district, Neophytou “analyzed his vision and the stakes of the upcoming elections with a view to the Cyprus of tomorrow, making special reference to the Cyprus problem.”


Neophytou said that “for months now I have been going around every town, every village, with one message, together we can overcome the unprecedented crisis that is coming. To manage the difficulties, to create the conditions for a new era of development, to create the opportunities to unlock the dialogue, to reunite our land, to make all of Famagusta free and not to risk isolating ourselves again.”


No one can prosper in a state that does not provide security to its citizens, but also to foreigners visiting it or foreign investors, DISY President and candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, Averof Neophytou, said in remarks during a visit on Wednesday to the offices of the Police Corps Union “Equality” where he met with the President and members of the Union.


The President of “Equality”, Nikos Loizides, in his statements after welcoming the Presidential Candidate and President of DISY at their offices said that during the meeting Neophytou was informed about the Security Corps.


Stefanou proves in today’s as well as in all his public statements that AKEL’s only goal is the seizure of power, a DISY statement said in response to today’s statements by the opposition party’s Secretary General.


DISY reminds Stefanou “for the umpteenth time” that the 12% penalty on pensions for early retirement was imposed under their own government and states that we will not fight high prices with populism, but with targeted measures that the government and DISY have already taken.


Social policy is practiced through rational management of public finances, not through empty words, it is added and that DISY and the government “will continue to support society without endangering our economy”.


Citizens must vote wisely in the presidential elections in order to end the DISY governance and put at the helm of the country a man with social sensitivities but also with specific policies that will help society, AKEL Secretary General Stefanos Stefanou said on Wednesday.


In statements before a meeting with pensioners in Dromolaxia, Stefanou said that “the various economic and social issues that exist in society at large are even more acute in the area and even more so in a period of austerity and at a time when households face very intense pressure to make ends meet”. In the debate, various issues are again highlighted which AKEL constantly puts at the forefront,” he said.


He said one of the issues is that “of low pensions and the 12% penalty for early pensions. There are people who do not choose to take early retirement but are obliged to do so and we are also punishing them with the 12% penalty so that the already low pension becomes even lower and at such times, the issue becomes particularly contemporary”.


Moreover, Andreas Mavroyiannis, conducted on Tuesday a tour of the city and province of Larnaca.


As part of his tour, he spoke as the main speaker at an open political gathering in the community of Xylofagou, sending a message of optimism and victory, stressing that we are facing a historical necessity.


“Because our country has reached its limits and if we do not change it, it will be lost,” he said, adding that the outgoing government claims that it is delivering a “better Cyprus”. But the reality is that, the 10 years of governance we have gone through only brings shame to the citizens and especially to the younger generations. Mavroyiannis said that he will deal with the issues of low wages and pensions, high product, fuel and electricity prices with determination.


According to a statement from his staff, in a speech at an open political rally in Xylofagou, Mavroyiannis referred to the “unreliability of Anastasiades’ decade-long government” on the Cyprus problem and in almost all areas. The 10-year rule, he added, “only causes shame,” and contrasted his candidacy, saying “we have goals and vision for this country to see better days and to serve the many.”


On the Cyprus issue, Andreas Mavroyiannis said that we are at an impasse and Turkey is trying to create new faits accomplis in Varosha and in the maritime zones of the Republic of Cyprus, adding that “it is not possible to flirt with the idea of a two-state solution and expect Turkey not to take advantage of it.”


The independent candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulides, promotes a 50%-50% representation of women and men in all appointments of the President of the Republic.


Christodoulides released on Wednesday his proposals for the promotion of equality between women and men. These are 50 proposals in total and are divided into 8 policies, which are posted on his website, under the title “Promoting Equality between Women and Men” ( A characteristic feature of Christodoulides’ programme is that equality between men and women is addressed horizontally in all policies.


In addition, Christodoulides paid a visit to the 1st Technical School of Nicosia where he met with the Director of Technical Education Ilias Markatzis, the Director of the 1st Technical School of Nicosia Dinos Tselepos, and had the opportunity to talk to teachers and inspectors of the school.


Nikos Christodoulides had a working lunch today with the Ambassadors of Arab countries in Cyprus, during which they exchanged views on the further strengthening of the Republic of Cyprus’ relations with the Arab world, regional cooperation, recent developments in the wider Middle East region, such as the situation in Lebanon and Syria, as well as Turkey’s provocative actions in the Eastern Mediterranean.


They also discussed migration, the European Union’s relations with the Arab world and the role that Cyprus can play in further strengthening these relations as a member state of the Union.


Once again, the institutions have been put at the service of the party state, which sacrifices everything on the altar of serving party and personal interests, said in a written statement Presidential candidate Georgios Kolokasides.


It is a clear humiliation of the institution of the President of the Republic to be personally involved in the party gossip and the rivalry between the two candidates, he adds.


Instead of the President of the Republic’s concern being the unity of the people against the Turkish advance in the buffer zone, his concern is the unity of his party, says Kolokasides and wonders until when citizens will tolerate the defamation of institutions and parties that serve personal agendas and not the people.


Independent presidential candidate Marios Eliades received a delegation of the Initiative Group for the abolition of the 12% penalty for those who have retired or will retire at the age of 63 at his central staff today.


Views were exchanged in a constructive atmosphere, with the independent candidate stressing to the delegation that he is in full agreement with the immediate abolition of this unfair measure.


“This is an unacceptable and unfair measure, which especially in the current adverse economic conditions we are experiencing puts an even greater burden on this particular group of the population that otherwise should receive support,” said Eliades. At the same time, he stressed that he will be a supporter of the Initiative’s struggle for the abolition of the 12% penalty and called on the current government to stop turning a deaf ear to the just demands expressed by our fellow citizens who are in real need.


Source: Cyprus News Agency