The latest news from the presidential election campaign trail

The candidates for the Presidency of the Republic continued their campaigns ahead of the elections to be held in early February 2023, with visits, meetings and interventions on various issues.


DISY President and candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, Averof Neofytou, participated yesterday in an open discussion at a regional meeting of the group of friends and supporters of his candidacy, in Larnaca district.


Neofytou referred to the economy of the country and how we have reached today a level of healthy growth, while he referred to the promises heard by some people during this period, making a comparison with what happened in Britain and with the wrong management of the economy and the consequences that followed.


The independent candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, Andreas Mavroyiannis, was present at a tennis bi-communal tournament on Sunday, expressing his support for such initiatives.


Today, Mavroyiannis made a series of visits to the city and province of Pafos. His tour began with a visit to the Pafos Courts, where he had the opportunity to tour the grounds and talk to employees. Afterwards, he visited small industries and construction sites in the industrial area of Agia Varvara, where he had the opportunity to talk with workers about issues that concern them. He also visited the Technical Services Center of the Electricity Authority of Cyprus and the Margarita Liasidou Foundation for children with special needs.


Moreover, in a statement Mavroyiannis requested that all dark aspects of the surveillance issue to be investigated seamlessly and fully. “Once again the name of the Republic of Cyprus is involved in the vortex of international scandals”, he says, adding that “tomorrow’s descent of the Commission of Inquiry to investigate the use of the Pegasus software (PEGA) demonstrates in the most intense way the state that the rule of law has fallen in our country, with the lack of transparency, but also the possible encroachment of fundamental rights of citizens”.


His vision for a more efficient Public Service was developed on Monday by the independent candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulides, during his visit to parts of the Public Service in Limassol. Christodoulides discussed “the possibilities but also the challenges faced by the Public Service and its staff, in relation to the services offered to citizens”.


Christodoulides expressed his satisfaction with the important work performed by the employees in the Public Service and developed his vision for a more efficient Public Service, with the completion of the digital transformation, the establishment of transparent and meritorious processes and the completion of its reform.


Moreover, presidential hopeful, Constantinos Christofides, has submitted a proposal for the appointment of an investigative committee on Cyprus’ relationship with surveillance software, with a conclusion before the presidential elections.


“I am deeply concerned,” he said in a statement today, “about the insufficient public debate on the possible involvement of Cyprus in an issue of European dimensions concerning surveillance and malicious software.”


He proposes, in view of the forthcoming visit of the European Parliament’s PEGA committee to Cyprus, the immediate appointment of an inquiry committee to investigate the purchase or leasing of surveillance software of any kind by the Republic of Cyprus and whether interception software of any kind has ever been used by the Republic’s authorities in Cyprus.


Presidential candidate Marios Eliades commented on the incidents at Tsirio Stadium, saying that we should not “hide violence under the carpet of the stadiums”.


He expressed his great regret for the “images of unprecedented cruelty that we all saw, which do not honour any of us and certainly have no place in an otherwise modern society”.


“Every day we witness sad and reprehensible phenomena of violence in our society, whether in schools, families, on the streets and more. And of course, since our stadiums are a miniature version of our society, this very violence is reflected in our sports arenas. By focusing our attention on violence in sport venues, all we achieve is to mislead the public that violence only exists in stadiums,” he said.


Source: Cyprus News Agency