The latest news from the presidential election campaign trail

Candidates for February’s presidential elections continued on Saturday their interventions on various issues concerning the society in the framework of their pre-election campaigns.


In a statement issued on Friday regarding the Pournara reception centre for asylum seekers outside Kokkinotrimithia, close to the capital, Nicosia, DISY President and presidential candidate, Averof Neofytou, states that he is watching “what is happening in Pournara with disappointment and anger”, adding that “our country has assumed far greater responsibilities and obligations” than its fair share.


“We will continue to offer hospitality and protection to those who really need it. But there are limits that have been crossed. And we will have zero tolerance towards those who do not respect laws, order and above all the citizens of the country that hosts them”, concludes Neofytou.


The independent candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, Andreas Mavroyiannis, marks Cyprus’ Missing Persons Day in a press release that says that “the loss, the anguish and the pain of the thousands of relatives of the missing are yet another vivid impression of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus and the suffering it has caused.”


“On the occasion of Missing Persons Day, we express our gratitude for the work carried out by the Committee on Missing Persons in Cyprus (CMP) to locate and identify the remains of missing persons. The strengthening of the role of the CMP as well as the support of the families of the missing persons is our highest priority,” the press release concludes.


Friday’s events at the Pournara reception centre “prove once again the failed management of migration flows by the government,” Andreas Mavroyiannis says in another press release, adding that “in order to escape the chaotic and out-of-control situation, decisive measures should be taken for a rational and humane management of the issue.”


Presidential candidate Achilleas Demetriades proposes the appointment of 300 qualified people to undertake the examination of asylum applications, while rejecting the installation of a fence in the buffer zone and the hiring of 300 “border guards”. According to an announcement, Demetriades visited Akaki village on Saturday and met with Avlona local community president and residents of the area, who informed him about the various problems arising from the construction of a fence in the buffer zone.


“In his statements during the meeting, Achilleas Demetriades described the immigration policy pursued by the Anastasiades government as misguided and ineffective,” the press release states.


Source: Cyprus News Agency